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Routes to Market

The COMAG Group provides the widest range of routes to market for magazines, partworks and collectables within the UK and globally.

UK Newsstand

UK Newsstand image

Flexible, cost effective and tailored distribution and logistics management to the UK retail newstrade for magazines, partworks and collectables.

Export Distribution

Export Distribution image

Comprehensive service operating in over 70 countries, covering logistics through to advice on local pricing and subscriptions.

Import Distribution

Import Distribution image

Comprehensive distribution service for overseas distributors and publishers, including managing logistics from arrival in the UK through to the delivery to retailers.

Specialist Outlets

Specialist Outlets image

Distribution to specialist retail outlets and newsagents throughout the UK using our unique in-house operation.

Targeted Copy Placement

Targeted Copy Placement image

Distribution direct to consumers through a wide range of options including venues, shows, residential, business and brand to hand.

Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution image

Developing digital editions for publishers and providing access to venues that may not take printed copies.

Online Magazine Ordering

Online Magazine Ordering image

Convenient and hassle free subscriber generation service, via our online newsagent Magazine Café.

Subscriptions Management

Subscriptions Management image

Comprehensive subscription service; covering subscription generation, cash collection, managing subscriber details, renewals, mailing and storage.